Introducing Upgraded Online Ordering


Introducing Upgraded Online Ordering

We have made recent changes to the online product configuration tools that you use for ordering French Rods and Fast Track traverse rod systems.

Screenshot of French Rods Wizard
Easy Option Customizations

Effortless Customization

We now offer more options and an improved user experience with helpful guidance along the way. These new product configuration wizards for Fast Track and French Rods give you the confidence that what you order is what you get. Here's how:

  1. Select Only the Options You Need Choose the exact rod customization that you want.
  2. Allow the Wizard to Help Helpful hints along the way assist by answering questions and pointing out things you may not know.
  3. Catch Mistakes Before Ordering Our intelligent wizards continuously analyze your order as you are going through each step. You will be alerted to possible errors and given suggested revisions when we see something out of the ordinary.

Smart Guidance Along the Way

An example of a tip inside the product configurator wizards
Shown: A tip provided in regards to French Rod bracket selection

For most configuration options, helpful guidance is shown along the way. This guidance is based on both general recommendations and customized smart guidance based upon your prior selections.

For instance, the length which you select will determine the recommended number of brackets. Another example is your draw type — if you select center draw, we may recommend more batons than with single or one-way draw. Menagerie wizards are smart enough to understand your unique rod customizations, such as whether or not you've selected a single or double configuration, the type of brackets you've chosen, and much more.

Perfectly Matched Finishes

In addition to smart guidance, the finish you select at the start of each wizard is maintained — ensuring all of your hardware is perfectly color-coordinated. You run no risk of accidentally selecting different finishes for brackets!

Double Checking Your Configuration

Screenshot of Configuration Review
Shown: Fast Track Configuration Review

At the end, you're presented with a lineup of your selections where you can quickly review the options you've selected. If you'd like to make a change, you can go back and modify your prior selections.

Screenshot of Configuration Notes
Shown: Configuration Tips at Review

In certain cases, we'll provide notes to you about opportunities such as splicing a rod to make shipping cheaper and installation easier.

Of course, we offer live chat during business hours. If you have any questions while configuring your Fast Track and French Rod, you can always just ask us!

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Published: August 15th, 2022

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