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Menagerie Collection

Menagerie is our signature drapery hardware collection. The product lines are comprised of distinctive individually hand-painted and finished 2” and 1-3/8” compatible finials, rods, and decorative brackets with matching drapery rings.

Menagerie Hardware | Menagerie Collection

Smooth and fluted drapery rods. 2” & 1-3/8” compatible drapery brackets with matching ring designs

Urban Dwellings Hardware | Menagerie Collection

Natural, sustainable all-wood hardware. 2” & 1-3/8’ compatible. Urban-Transitional designs

Bamboo Design Hardware | Menagerie Collection

2” Compatible hardware with Caribbean/Polynesian attributes.

Menagerie Logo

Over two decades of crafting proprietary designs and fabricating custom applications for the Interior Design industry.

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