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About Menagerie

Who We Are and What We Do

TMS-Menagerie was established in 1998. Our mission has been to create unique and affordable window treatment hardware and home décor for the Interior Design community.

In today’s competitive retail environment, consumers can access the products they seek to decorate their home in big-box stores and through internet sites that offer direct-to-home delivery. The distribution of brand name drapery hardware is now offered in nationwide retail locations and the consumer can see similar brands and styling in competing store locations. Interior Designers seek product lines that their clients won’t see in these locations, and when they are able to introduce their clients to a unique brand of home decor, the value of their service is enhanced and their client has the opportunity to decorate their home with unique eye-catching home decor that isn’t commonly found in retail stores.

The Menagerie brand was created for Interior Designers. We market directly to the design trade community and offer stock window treatment hardware in hand painted faux finishes. We custom fabricate traverse track systems and machine bend high density metal rods in desired specifications to produce quality and durable window enhancement products that can’t be replicated in retail stores.

All members of the Menagerie front office customer service team have years of experience working with Fabric Workrooms and Interior Designers and they understand the nomenclature associated with measuring and installing window enhancement. They look forward to answering questions and assisting with selecting the type of products that create a look that the Design Professional is seeking.

Over two decades of crafting proprietary designs and fabricating custom applications for the Interior Design industry.

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