Powder Coated Drapery Hardware


Powder Coated Drapery Hardware

You've heard of it before. You've probably seen powder coated window treatments and drapery hardware. But do you really know what powder coating is, and what the benefits are? Let's find out!

The History of Powder Coating

Powder coating application process

The history of powder coating can be traced back to around the 1940s, when flame-applied thermoplastic powder was first introduced. By 1953, techniques were discovered to more effectively and evenly spray powders on various surfaces using air — instead of flame — to fluidize powdered materials. Following, around the mid 60s, the electrostatic powder application process was developed — a key discovery leading to the commercialization of powder applications.

By the 1970s, powder coating had gained worldwide traction and was being used on all types of materials. Today, a variety of powders are available in different consistencies and colors. 

The Benefits of Powder Coating for Outdoor Drapery Hardware

Applying powder coatings to metal drapery hardware provides excellent rust resistance and allows for outdoor applications. At Menagerie, we expertly apply powder coatings in-house. This ensures quality craftsmanship with complete uniformity. 

Not only do we powder coat drapery rods, but also hardware such as brackets, rings, and batons. At Menagerie our mission is to ensure your entire drapery setup is beautifully finished and protected.

Planning for Outdoor Drapery Hardware

Casa Artistic Drapery Hardware

While powder coating provides protection from the elements, it's strongly recommended — for both the protection of the hardware and the drapery panels — that installation occurs under some type of covering, such as an overhang, soffit, or beam. Our Indoor/Outdoor Collection features heavy-duty hardware that will hold up to the elements.

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Published: March 11th, 2022

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