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Custom Embossed Traverse System

Drapery Hardware

Embossed Traverse Systems

• All Custom Embossed Relief Fascias backed with Heavy Duty Steel Substrate.
• Continuous up to 8 feet long.  Seam spliced in middle beyond 8 feet.
• Can be ordered as a Straight Fascia, or with a  2’’ Radius Return.  Up to a 7.5” return.
• Heavy Duty Traverse Track in powder coated Bronze, Gold, White, and Anodized Silver finishes.
• Two End Brackets and “Hidden Center Support Brackets” every 2 feet beyond 6 feet in length.
• Use with Tension Pulley or Baton.
• Pinch Pleat or Ripple Fold.
• Sold as Single Traversing System with Embossed Custom Fascia height starting at 3” up to 8”.
• Sold as Double Traversing System with color coordinated back Track, and Front Fascia height starting at 3” up to 8”.

Sample Color Chips


A sampling of color chips for the embedded traverse system.
Each square is 4" x 4" and held in place by a beaded chain.

Includes one of each sample finish:
Patina Gold, Aged White Gold, Galvanized Steel,
Brushed Nickel, Smoked Pewter, Oil Rubbed Bronze,
Flat Bronze, & Paintable Tan

$ 12.00 Add

Shown in Design Squares with Radius Returns

Shown in Desert Tide Single Traverse System

Get a custom quote on our traverse system for your installation.

Fill out the form below, and one of our traverse specialists will contact you
Online Quoting is for NON Motorized Traverse only.

Satin NickelWhite






Pinch Pleat
Ripple Fold 80%
Ripple Fold 100%
Ripple Fold 120%

Desert Tide
Available in All Finishes
Design Squares
Finishes Available
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Finishes Available
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Flat Bronze
Available in All Finishes
Patina Gold
Aged White Gold
Galvanized Steel
Brushed Nickel
Smoked Pewter
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Flat Bronze
Paintable Tan

• When choosing a Fascia with a return, the Fascia will return to the wall 2” past the end of the Traverse Track. (fig 1)

               SINGLE TRAVERSE                                                           DOUBLE TRAVERSE


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